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[Importante] Rust Legacy Survival - Recruitment Mod

Nickname in game: WinterTusk

Age: 17

Daily activity on server: During the Winter Break I can be on almost 10+ hours a day but when the time is over then it's around 5+  I do go on frequent trips usually only lasting a week at a time.

Knowledge of Italian: Non è molto buona

Knowledge of English: Yes

Knowledge of other languages: Spanish

Previous experience as a staffer in a game server:

Born and raised in Texas, Friendly guy, Junior in High School, Loves to create new things, always looking for something new and fun to do.
  • Nickname in gioco:  Werner Von Orseln
  • Età:  18
  • Attività giornaliera sul server:  6-7 ore durante le festività, dalle 3 alle 5 ore durante i giorni normali, il sabato è rarissima la mia presenza.
  • Conoscenza dell'italiano:  Madrelingua, penso di essere abbastanza comprensibile.
  • Conoscenza dell'inglese:  Abbastanza alta, riesco a scrivere e a parlare in inglese facendomi capire.
  • Conoscenza di altre lingue straniere:  Spagnolo (molto basso)
  • Precedenti esperienze come staffer in un server di gioco: Ho fatto parte a diversi progetti Sa-Mp, in alcuni dei quali facevo parte dello staff sia come Founder sia come Gestore VPS e sia come Amministratore normale.
  • Note:  Amo il gioco pulito, senza trucchi. Ho una particolare sfortuna nell'incrociare sempre i cheaters. Se non provocato troppo, riesco a essere una persona abbastanza calma e comprensiva che ascolta tutti e che cerca di risolvere sempre i problemi nella maniera più corretta e giusta possibile.
Nickname in game: Right, old one Hawk

Age: 19

Daily activity on server:
(5-6hourse maybe and more if i get time, everyday i can be on server)

Knowledge of Italian: Little bit but there isn't a problem to learn it i have uncle who is Italian

Knowledge of English: Very good

Knowledge of other languages:
(Serbian i live here like 19years and Slovakian becus my familiy is from slovakia)

Previous experience as a staffer in a game server(I had once server with my good friend who i know in real life and i was 2times admin a 4 time mod on rust, i had own server for cs 1.6 and i was to much times on other servers admin)

(Like i say i had once time server for rust so i know how some stuffs work,im good at gamepanel if some need help about fix im here,i was to much time admin and mod on otheres server when here was kit mod for imortall or god w/e.
Everyone deserved a chance for being a good mod,so hopefull i will get cuz i trying to be one like 3-4 weeks and i want to server have more players daily so i post some.therds on another forums i can make hungar games to, suplly drops same) Smile
Nickname in game:TheNiggal


Daily activity on server:i am on everyday just about all day so like 13 or so hours

Knowledge of Italian:not so much

Knowledge of English:full english thats the only language i speak

Knowledge of other languages:none but i can use google translate to figure out what they are saying

Previous experience as a staffer in a game server:i dont have any prior experience of being a mod but i know who the testing system works and how to know if someone is hacking

Notes:i just want to say i love u Peal no hard feelings about what happend and why i got banned i was only trying to defend u from that guy im sorry if i offended u or anyone by what i said i wont say such harsh or mean words ever again on the forums or in game dont let that mistake deprive me of me getting mod Smile Smile Smile

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