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1 - Registration
Some parts of our forum may require you to be registered and have logged in. Registration is free and takes a few minutes to complete. We recommend registering! Once you have done you can send messages, change your preferences, edit your profile. Some of the features that generally require registration are subscriptions, changing of styles, accessing of your notes and send e-mails between the block members.
For registration requires a valid email address. And 'it is forbidden to use fake or temporary email addresses.

1.1 - Nickname and personal info
At any time you can choose to update some information about yourself such as your instant messenger information, your password or your e-mail address. You can change any of this information from your user control panel. To access this, simply click the link at the top of any page 'User Control Panel'. From there, choose 'Edit Profile' and change or update any desired items, then click the submit button at the bottom of the page for the changes to take effect.

The nickname must not be:
• Racist or discriminatory;
• A link to an external site (Example:;
• Vulgar, offensive or defamatory;

The personal info must not:
• To be racist or discriminatory;
• To be vulgar, offensive and defamatory;
• Refer to external sites ('Connecting Home page' field exclusion);

1.2 Responsibility and Privacy
Each member is responsible for his own account and has the duty to preserve their passwords to prevent unauthorized access.
The Administrators do not ever alter the personal data of users (email, password, etc ...) and they will preserve the confidentiality. In case of stolen account, the staff will ban it permanently and (if any) the account of the stealer.
Each user has the option to hide all your personal info through the control panel by going to 'Profile' -> 'Edit Profile.'
Each user has the right to request the cancellation or the ban on their account.

2 - The Staff
The Staff has the task of maintaining order and stability of the forum and consists of: Administrators, Super Moderators and Moderators of Section. There will also be other staff members but will have no tasks in the moderation of the Forum.
To view the staff members can click here:

They take care of all the administrative and technical sides of the forum, the organization of competitions, recruitment and promotion of Super Moderators.

Super Moderators:
They have a duty to enforce the rules in all sections of the forum. They can edit, close, rename, and delete threads, and punish users should the need arise.

They have the task of directing the progress of discussions and to enforce the rules in the relevant sections. They can edit, close, rename, and delete threads, and punish users should the need arise.

3 - Warnings / ban system
When it committed a transgression of the Rules, a moderator will award points to the offender or warning depending on the situation. The number of points is proportionate to the gravity of the infringement.
The assignment of an infringement has different maturities based on the gravity of the infringement.

4 - Posts and Threads
A registered user can send post and threads.

Before you post a new thread should check that:
• You have chosen the appropriate section depending on the issues in the thread;
• The topic of the thread has not been previously treated (by using the 'Search' function);
• The topic of the thread does not go against the rules;

Before sending a post you should check that:
• The topic of the post is inherent to the discussion;
• What you want to report has not already been said previously by other;
• The topic of the post does not go against the rules.

4.1 - Post and useless thread
Each thread must have a purpose or topic to be treated and each post must be relevant to the discussion topic.

A thread is evaluated useless if:
• It treats a topic without a sense or without sound arguments;
• It treats a topic already discussed and solved in the previous thread;

A post is evaluated useless if:
• It is not relevant to the discussion topic from the thread;
• It serves no purpose;
• Do not serve the development of the discussion (Example. 'I do not know, ask to Tom');

4.2 - Necroposting
The reopening of a 30 days old thread (according to the last response sent) by sending post is strictly forbidden and is punishable. The thread will be closed and evaluated 'Obsolete'.
This rule does not apply in the case of the latest information and working release, and if the user has posted for clarification in a thread to help.

4.3 - Post and thread prohibited
Each thread and post must comply with good morals and customs adopted by all.

It is forbidden:
• Please refer to sexual acts, put links to pornographic sites and pornographic images;
• Insert links to external sites and advertising for propaganda purposes unless authorized by the Directors, are excluded from this rule link that is for the purpose;
• Open thread and send post release containing links that contain viruses;
• Open thread and send posts that are intended to defraud other users of the community;
• Open a thread or send a post with the sole purpose of causing quarrels (flame);
• Send thread / post defamatory or insults and provocations;

4.4 - Source and Scan
If a thread or post containing a release, the thread or post should contain:
• The source (insert an external link is prohibited);
• Scan once, preferably using 'VirusTotal';
Failure to comply with this rule may result in a penalty.

5 - Signature and Avatar
It is forbidden to use an avatar:
• What refer to pornography;
• What refer to external websites;
• Racist and that does not respect human dignity;
• Offensive, provocative and defamatory.

It is forbidden to insert in the signature:
• Images, links and texts that refer to pornography;
• More than 3 images;
• Images larger than 500x153px;
• More than 10 lines of text (1 image = 1 line);
• Pictures with references to other web sites;
• Links that lead to external web sites;
• Words that is inconsistent, provocative and insulting.

N.B .: The staff is in any case entitled to take action in the event of abnormal situations not listed above, and also any attempt to circumvent / ignore these rules it will be severely punished.

6 - ChatBox
The chatbox allows you to talk in real time with other users of the community.

ChatBox is prohibited:
• Send links to external web sites (except for information);
• Use vulgar terms;
• To offend other users or staff;
• Flame;
• Refer to acts or sexual purposes;
• Send a large number of messages (flood);
• Defraud other users (even sending of viruses or links to fake login);
• Write uppercase (the Internet equivalent of shouting);
• Insist for technical assistance (the chatbox is not intended to provide assistance, but chat friendly with other users);
• Evade spam chatbox with multiple lines;

7. Use of cookies
MyBB makes use of cookies to keep track of your login information if you are registered, and your last visit if you're not.
Cookies are small text documents stored on your computer by your browser that you are using; cookies set by this forum can only be used by this site and do not constitute a risk to your safety.
The cookies of this forum also track the specific topics you have read and when you did.
You can read more info about cookies clicking here.

If you have doubts or questions on this Regulation can contact, using private messages, any staff member.
These Regulations may be subject to change over time, without prior approval.
The staff is in any case entitled to take action in the event of abnormal situations that are not listed above, and also any attempt to circumvent / bypass this regulation will be punished.